Ming Video Integration

This patch offers full video and full streaming capabilites to MING. See the examples-page for more details how to use them.

Update: 11.01.2004 PHP/Perl extensions
– this patch adds php bindings for the video/stream stuff
– php example test.hp
– this patch adds perl bindings for the video/stream stuff
– perl example test.pl

Update: 09.01.2004: MP3 streaming
For more details see the examples-page

Update: 07.01.2004: ming0.3a-video-03.patch
– fixes some small Bugs
– complete video-streaming support via progressive download and Macromedia Communication Server

* you need also this patch for progressive download streaming
* the SWF-file specs allows only one videoframe per flashframe and stream. Therefore the framerate of the video-file should be equal to the flash-movie.

– FLV Audio Tags
– MP3 Streaming via Macromedia Communication Server

perl_ext-videostream.patch in current CVS 2 k
ming0.3a-php_ext.patch in current CVS 6 k
ming0.3a-video-03.patch in current CVS 14 k
as-compiler.patch obselte!
this patch is fixes an action-script compiler bug
needed for progressive-download streams
396 b

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