Ming SWF library page

Ming SWF library page

This page contains unofficial binaries, CVS snapshots and additional material for the <a “href:=”” ming.sourceforge.net”=””>MING SWF library.

MING Video
Some basic examples can be found at the examples-page.

LibFLV is able to create FLV video streams for use with Flash/SWF movies. Currently libflv is only capable of creating video-streams with Screen Video Format codec (since SWF version 7). Audio support is planned. See the LibFLV Page.

MING Debian binaries (0.3beta1-3)

  deb http://klaus.geekserver.net/debian binary/

to your sources.list file.
Avilable packages:

 libming, libming-dev, libming-util, libswf-perl, php4-ming

CVS Snapshot (26. Dec. 2004)

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